Gael Rebel

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A Contemporary Agency has been closely working with french photographer and author Gael Rebel.
After a master in science politics at the prestigious Science- Po, a degree in law, and a DEA in political sociology, she first became an attaché at the french Parliament. It’s in her thirties that she decided her creative mind had to be the center of her action. After quitting politics she came back to her first love, Theatre.


In the same time she realises her action can’t be in only one field: Working her own combination and she is an actress both in indie and mainstream plays, touring all over France, a photographer for years specialised in Backstage Photography and a writer, developing both short storied and plays.

Spoted by many communication agencies in Paris for the strenght of her photography she works as a freelance as well as for herself where the process of thinking is in the heart of her work.

From her power landscapes to her portraits, meeting the other is one of the center of her work

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